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  • The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) cleared!

    Curia Regis' first Free Company group, KaibaCorp, has cleared The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) on 4/18/18. This fight was one of the harder encounters the group has come up against, but in the end it was worth the time spent! We're all looking forward to the next ultimate encounter in patch 4.31.




  • All three groups clear Omega Savage!

    Kaiba Corp: July 24th!


    3 Fairies and Friends: August 3rd!

    Goldfish: August 23rd!


  • Alexander: The Soul of the Creator (Savage) cleared! Server First!

    Congrats to 4 Fairies & Friends on Server First! CR officially claims every final raid boss server first in the Heavensward expansion. See you in 4.0!

    g2 a12s.jpg


    Congrats to KaibaCorp on Server Second!


  • Alexander: The Heart of the Creator (Savage) cleared! Server First!

    Congrats to KaibaCorp on Server First!



    Congrats to 4 Fairies & Friends on Server Second!

    g2 a11s.jpg

  • Alexander - The Fist of the Creator (Savage) cleared! Server First!

    Congrats to 4 Fairies & Friends on Server First!

    a10s g2.jpg


    Congrats to KaibaCorp on Server Second!

    a10s g1.png


    Congrats to DaddySlayers on the clear!

    g3 a10s.jpg

  • Alexander - The Eyes of the Creator (Savage) cleared! Server First!

    Congrats to KaibaCorp on Server First!

    a9s g1.png


    Congrats to 4 Fairies & Friends on Server Second!

    a9s g2.jpg


    Congrats to DaddySlayers on clearing!

    g3 a9s.jpg


  • Curia Regis is now 3 years old!

    cr 3 years old.png

    As of a few days ago anyway, I honestly forgot the date was coming up. Does not seem like it's been 3 years, but I guess time does fly when you are enjoying yourselves. Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Free Company who has made this the greatest experience in online gaming I have ever had, and I hope we can continue it for years more to come! I've added the "veteran member" status in game for all of our raiders that have been with us for 2 years or more to commemorate how appreciative we are of your contribution to Curia Regis. Now please enjoy a nostalgia screen dump of some of my memories from these past 3 years:

    Here's me creating our linkshell in open beta before we were able to make free companies. 2 AM.. We used to wake up at that time a lot during early beta and early release.


    Here's us doing Ultima and completing the MSQ after we all just hit 50.


    Our first Titan HM was pretty close...


    Turn 1 was fun. We went in blind and came out 4 hours later with our first ever raid clear for the FC. Back then our raid group was known as "Amateur Hour".

    turn 1.png

    First Twintania kill... we almost enraged it. I thought we were going to lose. We ended up getting server second, but it ended up being enough to cause people to pay attention to us on the server. After that, I think everyone know the name Curia Regis on Midgardsormr. We didn't disappoint next tier.

    first twin kill.png

    Our first T9 was close too... seems to be a common theme here. This was our first server first win on a final boss! I was so excited when we won I knocked my desk chair over and scared the heck out of my dog... Good times.


    Second Coil (Savage) in i110 was an amazing challenge... KaibaCorp was the only group on the server to clear any of the fights in i110. Turn 8 Savage is probably still my favorite fight to date in this game because of how team oriented it was.


    Turn 13 was our second final fight server first, and the first time the FC took all 4 fights server first. We were about 0.000001 seconds away from dying to enrage... I felt like I was going to pass out. It felt amazing to finally have a raid tier where the FC had our names stamped on every fight for server first.


    Gordias was probably one of our most dominant performances, we were over a month ahead of every other group on the server for A4S. This was the first time that my group, KaibaCorp, was able to clean sweep an entire tier as a group for server first. This tier was grueling and I still view it as as the hardest challenge I've ever encountered in FFXIV. I doubt it will ever be topped.


    Midas was a very challenging tier, and I think it was probably the best teamwork building we've done since A3S and Turn 8 Savage because it was so heavily focused on mechanics. We clinched our third final fight server first in a row. And that's where we are today! Will we get our fourth before the sun rises on the horizon of 4.0? We'll find out!


  • Patch 3.4 launches on Tuesday, September 27th!

    It feels like it's been a very long time since we've had big news for FFXIV, but we finally got it last night!

    patch 3.4 soul surrender.jpg


    With the official release date of Patch 3.4 on the horizon, we are very excited to tackle the challenges that await us in the final tier of the Alexander raid series. The 3.0 raid series has definitely been more challenging than 2.0's raids, and it's been a fun ride that has caused all of us to struggle and grow as players as well as strengthen our bonds of friendship. We can't wait to see how they plan to wrap up the 3.0 raid series as we begin our transition into 4.0, with yet another expansion and a new set of raids to look forward to. We'll see you all in Alexander: The Creator (Savage)!


    alex creator 1.jpg

    alex creator 2.jpg

  • Alexander Midas - The Burden of the Son (Savage) cleared! Server First!

    Congrats to KaibaCorp on server first!




    Congrats to #Vaping4Jesus on server third!

    g2 a8s.jpg

  • Alexander Midas - The Arm of the Son (Savage) cleared! Server First!

    Congrats to KaibaCorp on server first!

    a7s clear.png

    Congrats to #Vaping4Jesus on server third!

    g2 a7s clear.jpg

    Congrats to BlandAF on clearing A7S!

    g3 a7s.jpg

  • Alexander Midas - The Cuff of the Son (Savage) cleared! Server First!

    Congrats to KaibaCorp on server first!


    Congrats to #Vaping4Jesus on server second!

    g2 a6s clear.jpg

    Congrats to BlandAF on clearing A6S!

    g3 a6s.jpg

  • Alexander Midas - The Fist of the Son (Savage) cleared!

    Congrats to #Vaping4Jesus on getting server 2nd!

    g2 a5s clear.jpg


    Congrats to KaibaCorp on server 3rd!

    g1 a5s clear.png

    Congrats to BlandAF on clearing A5S!

    g3 a5s.jpg

  • Update to Recruitment Policies:

    As of 1/4/2016, we have updated our recruitment policies in the following way:

    • PlayStation 4: We are now accepting applicants who raid on PS4 that are also able to access voice chat.



    Current Recruitment Openings:

    1. SCH or Caster DPS
    2. WAR/DRK or PLD
    3. WHM
    4. SCH

    Exceptional applicants are always encouraged to apply, regardless of job. Join CR and become a part of Midgardsormr's premiere raiding FC today!


  • Alexander: Gordias (Savage) completed - Server First!

    Once again Curia Regis grabs all server firsts from this raid tier uncontested. This was definitely the most challenging content we've ever been through as an FC and I already can't wait for 3.2 to see what else they throw at us. My body is ready, Yoshida!

    Kill time: 9/23/15 @ 8:26 PM PST - Grats to KaibaCorp!


    Congrats to Valk on his 210 weapon upgrade!


    Congrats to Av on his new Healing Body!


  • Curia Regis wants YOU... for Alexander (Savage) progression groups!

    Please refer to our recruitment section for our current needs.


  • Alexander: The Arm of the Father (Savage) completed - Server First!

    Grats to KaibaCorp!


    Living Liquid has been liquidated by Mom's Friendly Robot Company! Grats guys!


  • Alexander (Savage) - The Cuff of the Father (Floor 2) completed - Server First!

    Grats to KaibaCorp!


    Mom's Friendly Robot Company defeats the Illuminati! Grats guys!


    Literally Anything defeats the Illuminati! Grats guys!


  • Alexander (Savage) - The Fist of the Father (Floor 1) completed - Server First!

    Grats to KaibaCorp!


    Mom's Friendly Robot Company oppressed no longer! Server third clear, grats guys!


    Literally Anything oppressed no longer! Grats guys!


  • Alexander: Gordias completed!

    7/7/15 @ 5:26 AM PDT







  • Heavensward hits and Ravana (Extreme) downed - Server first!

    Over the past few days everyone in the Free Company has been working hard to level up and get geared after the release of Heavensward. We were all chomping at the bit to go hard when servers came up, and some of us have only really been taking brief power naps ever since. Expansions make this kind of mad dash insanely fun though, and I know everyone is enjoying themselves immensely with the new content. 

    We were proud to have our own Kyne Lyons achieve server first level 60 on his Paladin. Everyone was very impressed with his ability to beast-mode level so fast while being solo. Everyone else also worked hard and I know for a fact we had the first 6 or so level 60's on the server, so good job guys!

    We've also been working on the Extreme Primals. This afternoon we cleared Ravana (Extreme) for the first time, and ended up killing it a total of 10 times to get everyone in the party their i190 weapons, which are currently the best in the game! This brave group of 8 is ready for Alexander! Kill video is below the picture. Alexander in two weeks!





  • With a new Website and 3.0 looming, Curia Regis is looking Heavensward!


    With the torrent of new information resulting from yesterday's Producer Live Letter entitled "Heavensward: part 1", the community is buzzing with news, speculation, and excitement. The hype is real, as they say, and in less than a month we'll be able to cut our teeth on much of the new content FFXIV's first ever expansion will have to offer. As this will be the game's first expansion, it will set the tone for the rest of FFXIV's lifespan; needless to say, we're ready for it!

    Curia Regis is still standing strong almost two full years later. When Valk, Mitsukai and I came together to found this guild in June of 2013, we envisioned a community that maintained excellent standards, pushed raid content at a fast pace while still respecting real life obligations, and was a family unit that looked out for one another. I can happily say that these pillars that our community was founded on are still holding us up today.

    Many of you have been with us for quite a long time, and I wanted to once again offer up my thanks to you all for making this the best community I've been apart of in any MMO I've ever played in my 10+ years of online gaming. CR wouldn't be what it is without all of you - Don't ever forget that. As we move forward on to bigger and better things in the realm of FFXIV and as a community, we break ground on a new website and forum that is more fitting of our needs.

    As 3.0 draws ever closer, we are still in need of skilled players who are seeking a progression oriented Semi-Hardcore environment. Please browse around, and if we seem like the home you've been looking for then don't forget to check out our recruitment forums!

    With so much excitement on the horizon, it's hard to not be anxious. As we move towards the future, Curia Regis is looking Heavensward, and I can only imagine what adventures await us. See you in Ishgard!


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