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  • Officer List:

    (Character Names)

    1. Jackyl Han
    2. Seras Cereza


    I. Who we are:

    Curia Regis (a latin term meaning "King's Court" or "Royal Council") is a group that is comprised of people from all different backgrounds and various online games. A large portion of the founding members met in Final Fantasy XI Online. However, some of our guild is comprised of those who met, raided, and played together in TERA Online. We have merged into one group for the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Ever since coming together as one unit we have experienced resounding success. We reside on the Midgardsormr server, on the Aether Data Center. Curia Regis is Midgardsormr's premiere end game Free Company. Our members hail from the following Linkshells and Guilds:

    Final Fantasy XI:

    Remora - Apathy

    Garuda - SapereAude

    Ramuh - TheAfterLife

    Phoenix - Volume

    TERA Online:

    Valley of Titans/Mount Tyrannas - Terarist, Yggdrasil

    Most of the founding members of Curia Regis were not actively involved in Final Fantasy XIV 1.0+, but have returned with the recent changes and reworking that is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

    Free Company Housing:

    Curia Regis now owns a Large sized plot of land, and our estate hall "Mordor" is open to everyone. Come check us out at Limsa Lominsa's "The Mist" in Ward 3 plot #5.






    Thanks to the following members who donated to make this house possible:



    Judicator Aldaris
    Methenyl Trichloride
    Mogue Crescent
    Jya Hao
    Tazo Yoshi
    Av En
    Athaya Altiarre
    Hitome Mehan
    Celaeris Chere
    Blackomega Kingofwaffles
    Lyone Rai
    Xingwa Gerraldieux
    Elorian Mukla
    Aurie Ely
    Kuj Tastic
    Jack Danger
    Jackyl Han
    Kyne Lyons
    Sean Kipling


    II. What we do:

    A. General Purpose:

    We are a Free Company that is aimed at end game progression while still creating a generally fun and enjoyable environment to be in. Our goal is to push content in our various groups while still holding ourselves to a high standard of both play and game knowledge. We describe ourselves as a Semi-Hardcore raid environment. To view our raid teams in action, please click the "Videos" tab in the "FC Information" drop down menu above.

    B. Current Progression progress - The Bend of Time (Omega)

    SB wallpaper.png

    C. Past Progression:

    HW prog.png

    ARR prog.png

    III. What you can expect from us:

    We strive to provide all of our members with access to quality players in a controlled environment. Curia Regis and its officers continually do quality checks to make sure members are up to par and that overall we have a successful raiding experience. Due to the current end game structure of FFXIV: Heavensward, we maintain 8 man raid teams to tackle Alexander (Savage) that will operate on whichever schedule is best suited for those participating in each raid group.


    IV. What we expect from our members:

    As an end game progression guild we hold our members to a certain standard. This includes general raid etiquette (be on time, have food/medicines, be civil and work as a team) as well as a high expectation for individual player skill. We expect our raiders to be well researched and stay up to date on the current meta and rotations for their classes. Those individuals who meet and exceed our expectations are sure to secure raid spots and go far within the Free Company. However, failure to perform and match our standards will of course lead to removal. If you are a member of this Free Company you must be able to abide by officer decisions and take constructive criticism when it is needed.

    Please read our Rules section for a more in-depth look at all of our policies.


    V. Environment:

    As a group we joke around a lot, swear, and are generally inappropriate. If you can't handle dark or non-pc humor this is not the place for you. We enjoy being serious but still having a good time while we conduct our various activities. Players who are overly combative, unable to compromise, and generally affect the group atmosphere as a whole on a negative level are not wanted - regardless of the level of skill they may possess. Also, if you absolutely cannot stand anime you may be in the wrong place.