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CR Christmas giveaway: Gobwalker Mount edition!

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As the title states, we are looking to give away one Gobwalker Gear from A4 Savage which is used to obtain the exclusive Gobwalker Mount. We will be taking your character into the instance with us so you can obtain the drop after we kill the boss. We are looking to give this mount to people who are not currently clearing the content so they can enjoy it. Everyone who posts here will have their name entered and we will post the winner on Tuesday, December 15th.


To be eligible, please post the following information:

  • Character name:
  • Job:
  • Item level: We ask that you are at least item level 200+ with an Esoteric or Thordan EX weapon.

After the winner is posted we will coordinate a time for you to make this work. Please note times might be affected by the holidays, and we thank you for your understanding.

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