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  • Read before submitting application. Application form is below.




    Important Links:

    1. About Us
    2. Rules and Guidelines


    The Application Process:

    • Applications are submitted here through this form. Also listed are the important rules and standards of the Free Company that you are responsible for being familiar with as an applicant. It is assumed that you agree to these policies when you submit an application and expected that you will abide by these policies and should you be given a trial.
    • We may ask to conduct an interview on either Team Speak 3 or in game. This is up to our discretion and will be handled by an officer of the guild.
    • Team Speak 3 is our main mode of communication. If you want to be accepted you must be able to use the program to listen AND communicate when you need to. Nothing is worse than when someone needs to call something out for the sake of the group but can't/won't.
    • We will absolutely not accept “package deal” applications for people looking to fill raid slots (meaning people applying in groups of 2 or more). If you must join alongside your friend, family member, or significant other then you will all need to submit separate applications as individual raiders.
    • We do not accept PS3 players, sorry. If you raid on this platform we will deny your application. Individuals who play on PS3 but are able to log on to a PC for raids are acceptable.
    • We are willing to consider applicants who play on PS4 for raids, as long as you are able to reliably access voice chat through Team Speak 3.
    • PC players who use a controller are still welcome to apply.


    The Trial Process:

    • After you have submitted an application and we have done an interview, an officer of the Free Company may issue you a trial membership that may later become permanent member status (assuming you remain in good standing and pass your trial). At this time we only accept applications for raiders and the social members of non-trial raiders.
    • You MUST join the Free Company. This is not a raid spot you can just participate in for one hour a week. This is a spot for Free Company Membership - If you ask something along the lines of, "Do I really have to join the FC?" we will deny you immediately.
    • Trial periods usually last 2-4 weeks, but can be extended based on officer discretion and other factors. You will be informed when the trial has ended. Failing a trial will generally result in being removed from the Free Company.
    • Trial members are not allowed to cast lots on raid loot for the duration of their trial period UNLESS their group leader or an officer allows it. If you are not willing to give up the right to roll on loot as a trial member we don't want you. This is a long term investment for both parties, not a convenient loot for raid time transaction.
    • Trial members are not allowed to invite social members (friends/family/significant others) until they have passed their trial period. Once someone has passed their trial period, you may invite social members within reason. However, please note that you will be held accountable for the actions and conduct of all social members that you invite. If you want someone accepted as a social member speak to an officer or have them fill out an application and indicate that they are applying as a social member and to list your name. Social members are NOT considered to be on the same level of membership as raiders. If a social member wants to later fill an open raid slot they may need to re-apply or meet with officers first to discuss their new trial period as a raiding member. Please note that just because you might be accepted as a social does not mean that you are ever guaranteed a raid slot in the future; it is merely a possible consideration.
    • If you are invited to be into the Free Company as a trial status, it is your responsibility to be available. This means making an attempt to be social in Team Speak and to participate in dungeon runs to get to know each other. We're looking for people who not only want to raid, but also want to be part of what we built here as a group. More information on the trial process is found in the rules section


    Still interested?:

    • If you've read through this and are still interested, then please fill out the form below and submit an application for Curia Regis. Different teams have varying openings and schedules, so please make sure you indicate which team you are applying for. Know that we may take a few days to process your application once it has been submitted. Once it has been submitted you will not be able to view your application and we will communicate with you through private messages.


  • Application Form

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