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  • Officer List:

    (Character names):

    1. Jackyl Han
    2. Seras Cereza


    General Rules:

    • Applications for Curia Regis are not only applications for raid spots, but also Free Company membership. You MUST join the Free Company if you are looking to be accepted as a raider. This is final and non-negotiable.
    • If you are applying on your alternate character while your main character resides in another guild, regardless of the server, we will deny your application.
    • If you have an alt in another guild that you raid with, even if it does not conflict with your proposed raid times with us, we will deny your application.
    • Feel free to do any and all instances/raid content with people outside of the Free Company (exception: black listed individuals on forums).
    • We will have both a Free Company and a Linkshell, but you may wear whichever Linskhell you please as long as you are still a member of the Free Company.
    • If you have a friend, family member or significant other that you would like to join you in the Free Company that is fine. However, a few rules must be observed. The first is that no one is allowed to invite "casual/non-raiding" members until they have passed their trial period. The second is that if your "casual/non-raiding" acquaintance joins it is understood that they are not seeking or expecting a raid slot of any kind. Should they become interested later they will need to actually apply to the Free Company as a normal member would, and their raiding eligibility will be assessed. You are also responsible for the conduct and actions of any social member you invite.
    • Members who were at one time active raiders can remain in the Free Company as a social member. However, this will be decided on a case by case basis.
    • Respect the decisions of Curia Regis and its officers. If you can't follow orders when it is needed, we don't want you. Plain and simple. Should an issue with an officer arise, take it up with the current Guild Master. The office of Guild Master will rotate between the existing officers on a monthly basis.


    Code of Conduct:

    • Respect all members and use common sense.
    • Joking among members is allowed obviously, but if someone asks you to stop or says you've made them uncomfortable then it is best to stop. If someone's conduct is making you uncomfortable, please approach an officer and we will handle the issue.
    • Being playful in public chat is perfectly acceptable, but remember that when you wear the tag you are representing the guild. Particularly egregious instances of inappropriate conduct in public chat that reflect poorly on the Free Company may be dealt with through disciplinary action.
    • Don't start drama. We have a zero tolerance policy. If you must have a heated discussion with someone take it to /tell or a private Team Speak channel. Don't do it in Linkshell, Free Company chat, or a public Team Speak channel. Members who are continually causing problems or refuse to work things out will be removed.
    • If you ever have an issue with something regarding the Free Company or another member please take it up with an officer when they are online.
    • If there is not an officer in your raid group, respect the decisions of your group leaders. If you feel that a decision made by a raid leader was inappropriate, contact an officer and we will review the situation. If members try to cause problems during or after raid because they think they can bully group leaders simply because they are not officers, that is grounds for removal. If you have an issue with your group leader, speak to an officer or the GM immediately.
    • Don't be overly obnoxious on our Team Speak 3 server. (Soundboards are fine, if they are particularly dank).
    • Additional policies not listed here must be observed by all members, to be enacted at officer discretion. These topics can be found on the forums in the "members must read" section.



    We expect members to adhere to our policies on raid etiquette which include but are not limited to:

    • Handle constructive criticism appropriately. This means listening to what is said by group leader(s) and officers and responding accordingly and politely. Advice and constructive criticism are tools that your group leader(s) and officers will use as a means to help you grow as a player. If you are the kind of person who views properly conveyed criticism as an "attack" on your person, then this is not the place for you.
    • Check the website regularly for your scheduled raid times. Sign up accordingly. Each group has its own way of planning raids, so make sure you ask your group leader(s). Please be vigilant about checking our schedule sheet.
    • It is your responsibility as a member/raider to find out what time your group raids if you don't see one posted online. Get your group's contact info - there is no excuse for this. Most of our groups use a smartphone/PC chat application to keep in touch. If you are the kind of person who is still afraid to give out your phone number in this day and age, you had better ensure that you have other reliable methods to get in contact with your group. People who are constantly late or miss clearly scheduled raids are disrespectful of seven other people's precious time, and you will be removed without hesitation.
    • Always bring appropriate food and medicines. If you don't know what's needed, ask! (Don't be a cheapskate, either). We generally keep all needed raiding foods and potions in stock in the Free Company chest. We have a thread on the forums which dictates the prices we sell these goods to members at. These prices are always substantially lower than the market board, so be appreciative of those who use their time and resources to provide these items for you.
    • Don't be rude or overly obnoxious during raids. Joking around keeps people happy and lightens the mood at much needed times, but always remember that each raid is a use of someone's valuable time. Use common sense and your own discretion to know where to draw the line on this one. Don't be that guy everyone knows is not taking the raid seriously.
    • Respect each others' capacity to learn and be constructive - that is how we grow as players. Some people will learn by reviewing footage, some by reading forums, some by actually experiencing the encounter firsthand, and some are a mix of multiple categories. Give your group room to grow and do not be toxic, but still maintain high standards. We will not tolerate a clear lack of effort or members who obviously broadcast their desire to not be raiding at all and drag the rest of the raid down with them. If it's clear you do not want to be at raid or take it seriously, we will take care of that.

    We expect members to adhere to our standards of gameplay which include but are not limited to:

    • You are expected to be knowledgeable in the rotations, cooldown management, positioning, and overall optimization of your main class. Adequate individual research and seeking out various community resources are often needed to stay up to date as new patches roll out in this regard. Each member only plays one class in true 8 man raids (read: Savage raids), and as such it is expected that you perform at a high level. We understand that sometimes people must switch jobs for the sake of the raid, so adequate time to learn and polish your play will be given.
    • If you ever have questions about how to play your class or any kind of inquiry about in-depth mechanics, ask a fellow Free Company members who plays that class in raid. If you are not sure who qualifies under this category, ask an officer. It is not a valid excuse to perform under par because you "did not know" certain key information about your class. You are expected to know the ins and outs of your main class.
    • Don't ever get too comfortable with your performance. No matter how skilled you may have become, there is always room to improve. When raiders become "comfortable" is when they begin to slack. Stay motivated, and you will always be pushing yourself to perform.
    • Failure to adhere to the standard of gameplay Curia Regis is looking for is grounds for removal.



    • Your attendance is entirely dependent on when your group raids. Please refer to the schedule document or ask your group leader to confirm raid times for your group. 
    • Someone who is constantly late to raid will be subject to discipline depending on the circumstances. "No call/No show"-ing to a scheduled raid is something we take extremely seriously. If you have some sort of emergency and cannot attend a raid, that is perfectly acceptable, as long as you inform your group beforehand. Repeated informed absences may result in removal from the group, however.
    • We occasionally host events for our members. Participation is not required unless otherwise stated. These are usually spur of the moment gatherings to farm instances. Occasionally we will schedule a big event, usually on the weekends, but attendance is not required unless otherwise stated.
    • If a member is inactive for a long amount of time they will be removed. Depending on the individual, they can usually return to the Free Company as a social member.
    • “Inactive” members may not receive loot from Free Company events if they are in competition with an "active" member. This is completely up to officer discretion.


    Loot/Item Policies:

    8 man content:

    • This is not dictated by any sort of rules besides what the actual 8 man group as en entity has decided for itself. However, should an issue arise, an officer will moderate as necessary.
    • 8 man groups are designed to be essentially self governing units. Almost all decisions and such should be handled by the group or its leader unless officer moderation is absolutely necessary.
    • Trial members may be forbidden to roll on tokens used to upgrade gear if the group leader deems it necessary. Obviously this restriction only lasts during the trial period, and only if the group leader(s) deem it necessary. Generally, trial members are only ever forbidden from rolling on loot when they enter an established group and an order for upgrade items (Coats, Twines, Dips) has already been established among the permanent members. You will still be able to obtain armor for your class, but due to people taking upgrade items and then skipping out on us as a trial in the past, we must be cautious. 

    Consideration for all content:

    • Officers will always have the final say on awarding loot regardless of the situation.
    • Loot drama is basically a guaranteed kick. If you are the type of person who feels they are "entitled" to loot or "deserve" it, you do not belong here. Loot is easily obtained elsewhere, and Curia Regis is not merely serving as your purveyor of raid loot. That said, we generally work hard to look out for each other and get you every item you could ever need, but we expect you to look out for your fellow members as well. Return the favor. Do not be inconsiderate or greedy and always be polite when it comes to loot. First impressions will follow you as a trial.


    Guild Bank:

    • At this time any and all money acquired by the Free Company will go to the bank to purchase things such as food, medicines and other useful items Free Company members may need.
    • As our Large House has been purchased, the current use for the bank is primarily a dispensary for raid foods and potions. As stated above, the members section of the forums contains a topic outlining the prices for each consumable item in the bank.
    • At this time the gil in the bank is primarily used to compensate and fund the efforts of our crafters. Should you need gil for any reason please contact an officer, and we will review your request if we deem it appropriate.



    Updated as of 6/19/16.

    Rules are subject to change at any time. 

    By applying for Free Company membership you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to be bound by the rules and policies discussed above.

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