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  • Application to Curia Regis
    • Topic Title
    • Character Name(s) and Lodestone Link(s)
    • Which Team are you applying for?
    • Previous Server(s) and Free Company(s)
    • What is your raid schedule?
    • Which jobs are you applying to raid on?
    • For the jobs you are applying as, how do you approach gearing and researching your class?
    • What is your current progression?
    • Please provide any parses or fflogs links to encounters you have cleared from this current tier.
    • Please provide links to any gameplay footage from your perspective that you possess.
    • Do you have a working microphone and access to Team Speak 3?
    • Describe your previous raiding experience in FFXIV and other games that you believe is relevant.
    • How did you hear about Curia Regis and why did you choose to apply to us? Why are you the best applicant for the position?
    • Is there any other information you'd like to include? Now is the time to include any relevant skills, hobbies, and information about yourself.